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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Norooz" Persian New Year!

Tomorrow we celebrate our New Year called "Norooz". Every year the March equinox is taken to define the first day of spring (and this is usually between 19-21 March). That is the reason why we celebrate "Norooz" on different times every year. Tomorrow it will be at 12:09 pm and we have really beautiful traditions for this ceremony.
I always get so excited around spring time. The weather this year was incredibly crazy and soooo bad. I even don't feel like having spring in a few hours because of the cold weather. But anyway this is how it is in Germany and you have to do the best of it. 

The Norooz ceremony is celebrated by Iranian, Afghan, Kurdish, Tajik and Uzbek people and also by a lots of other ethnic groups. Norooz has no date of origin but is is originally a Zoroastrian ceremony so it has been celebrated for over 2000 years.

The whole ceremony lasts for 12 days. So you start to "create" a "Haft-Sin" on day one (March 20th) and you will let that "Haft-Sin" in your room for 12 days. The 13th day of Norooz is called "Sizdeh Bedar" (means passing the 13th day). Ancient Persian believed that the 13th day represented the collapsing of sky and earth and so it is a misfortune for your New Year if you stay at home on day 13. So on "Sizdeh Bedar" you celebrate the last day of Norooz outside with friends/family and have a big picnic with lots of food and games and this is how the whole ceremony of Norooz ends.

You can decorate your "Haft-Sin" (means 7 "s") however you want but there are some special and meaningful symbols that you can usually find in every "Haft-Sin".

But for more I have to wait for tomorrow to show you our "Haft-Sin" and tell you more about the symbols.

Happy New Year= Sale no mobarak :)

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