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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ok Countdown has begun: only 19 days until HOLIDAYS!!! The last 10 months I was constantly sitting at my desk and learning for my final exams and I am sooo tired of it. "I want to break freeeee" haha that is really what I feel just right now. I booked my ticket to Boston and I am so looking forward it. Although I have a little exam when I get back to Germany but that doesn't bother me a lot because I successfully completed my "bigger" exams.
My first stop will be in Reykjavik for 17hours (!!!) because I will fly with Icelandair. But that's fine cause I will have time to see Reykjavik, maybe Blue Lagoon. I will stay in Boston for 5 weeks and  hopefully I get around and visit NYC, Washington DC and other cities on the east coast and maybe Niagara falls and Toronto.
I have to concentrate on another exam in two weeks and have to organise a lot of things meanwhile. I hope I will have time to blog in Boston and make notes or upload my pics from my daily trips.

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