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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packing for holidays

Today I started suitcase packing(just a bit). I LOVE packing bags or suitcases for trips cause I come in such a relaxing mood. I am allowed to take 2x23kg and 1x10kg. That is quite a lot but I will need the space because I want to kill myself with shopping. Haha just kidding but I have a whole suitcase empty which I put in another suitcase of mine. 
I will be flying with my pregnant sister-in-law AAAAND a little stowaway which will be my little cute niece or nephew. We don't know;) In Reykjavik (where we have stopover for a few hours) we will go to visit Blue Lagoon. Ahhh I cannot wait to jump into the 104 F water and bubble away. 
On Wednesday I have my next to last master's exams and I am soooooo tired of learning. I can't see myself anymore sitting here at my desk. But time flies and this will also be over soon.

I am just soo sad that I have to leave my man here in Germany (has also exams) but he will be fine without me. Hopefully;) 

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