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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packing for holidays

Today I started suitcase packing(just a bit). I LOVE packing bags or suitcases for trips cause I come in such a relaxing mood. I am allowed to take 2x23kg and 1x10kg. That is quite a lot but I will need the space because I want to kill myself with shopping. Haha just kidding but I have a whole suitcase empty which I put in another suitcase of mine. 
I will be flying with my pregnant sister-in-law AAAAND a little stowaway which will be my little cute niece or nephew. We don't know;) In Reykjavik (where we have stopover for a few hours) we will go to visit Blue Lagoon. Ahhh I cannot wait to jump into the 104 F water and bubble away. 
On Wednesday I have my next to last master's exams and I am soooooo tired of learning. I can't see myself anymore sitting here at my desk. But time flies and this will also be over soon.

I am just soo sad that I have to leave my man here in Germany (has also exams) but he will be fine without me. Hopefully;) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Organizing for Boston

15 days left until my trip to the states and a lot of organizing upcoming. Today my brother rent the car for our traveling trip.

My brother will be working in Boston at the hospital till the end of August and so we have enough time afterwards to travel around. Never drove with a Ford Escape so I hope this was a good choice but we really did not have any other options than a Ford;) Anyway I just want to have good weather especially after that cold and sooo long winter in Germany. I check the weather forecast for Boston every single day and I have to say -till now- it really looks good for us:)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ok Countdown has begun: only 19 days until HOLIDAYS!!! The last 10 months I was constantly sitting at my desk and learning for my final exams and I am sooo tired of it. "I want to break freeeee" haha that is really what I feel just right now. I booked my ticket to Boston and I am so looking forward it. Although I have a little exam when I get back to Germany but that doesn't bother me a lot because I successfully completed my "bigger" exams.
My first stop will be in Reykjavik for 17hours (!!!) because I will fly with Icelandair. But that's fine cause I will have time to see Reykjavik, maybe Blue Lagoon. I will stay in Boston for 5 weeks and  hopefully I get around and visit NYC, Washington DC and other cities on the east coast and maybe Niagara falls and Toronto.
I have to concentrate on another exam in two weeks and have to organise a lot of things meanwhile. I hope I will have time to blog in Boston and make notes or upload my pics from my daily trips.